“Opponents Five Nights At Freddy’s” Fatal Frame is coming to television

“Opponents Five Nights At Freddy’s” Fatal Frame is coming to television

According to the newspaper Cinema Today – Film magazine famous in Japan, horror title Fatal Frame will be firm Flim Toronta acquired content copyright filmed for television. Context used for this drama will be exploited in the company Toronta Flim a former dormitory for students, the site of a series of mysterious disappearances unexplained. The content of the film remained hidden ghosts oan be seen through strange camera. The film is still in the phase rotation and is scheduled to be aired Japanese television in mid-August this year.

Toronta studios also revealed, the name given to the horror drama is Fatal Frame: Hajon. The film will have two protagonists named Michi Kazato Nakajo and appeared in the movie storyline. Background dormitories are taken from a real haunted locations in Japan, and the crew and the cast will have to live here during the filming until completion of the film.

The story tells of a dormitory for students of a nearby school, it is filled with strange things and how the disappearance of the girl students living here. Aya Tsukimori the characters appear in the film with a strange psychic ability, determined to discover the whereabouts of the former owners of the apartments they live. Michi Kazato role Tsukimori classmates, as well as the curiosity that wants to help her new friend is exploring the mysteries of the incident. Known Ayami Nakajo and Aoi Morikawa – two actors involved in the Fatal Frame: Hajon are both models of Seventeen magazine. five nights at freddy’s 4

This is not the only game adapted from this game. Recently Zero thriller adapted from the role playing Fatal Frame cult, was launched in Japan in the month 3. Bluray movies not only consume a significant amount of disk but also received strong support fans. Not a few people have come to expect game Fatal Frame will have a new version adapted in the future.

Earlier Zero movie theaters also big in Japan, attracting great attention of young people. Because this project has the participation of couples Ayami Nakajo – Aoi Morikawa, two popular models of Seventeen magazine and director Mari Asato.

Content revolves around an ancient school of Japan, where happen the horrifying murder. The girls in turn missing school. Then they found their bodies in the state of being drowned. Many witnesses have recounted the girl went missing earlier heard the voice of Aya Tsukimori, a little girl said, bizarre behavior and not have many friends in class. So people fear, confusion and doubt Aya was the cause of death of the ill-fated girl on.

Fatal Frame is the name of a horror genre in the country of Japan, the plot revolves around a game heroine use the camera to take pictures of the ghost ball, it works in captivity and destroy the with each character having the devil. Usually set in the Fatal Frame versions are the dilapidated old house in Japan, making the whole horror genre, all brought a gloomy atmosphere characteristic. Fatal Frame storyline is actually adapted from a novel by Eiji Ohtsuka writer.


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New competitors appearing of Five nights at Freddy’s is Alllison Road

New competitors appearing of Five nights at Freddy’s is Alllison Road

Silent Hill game though was the publisher canceled altogether but it has become an inspiration to many other horror games emerged.

The latest version of Silent Hill and head designer Hideo Kojima is not just disappear from the game company Konami Japan but also struggling hard to erase all traces related to the two names. Currently, the demo demo of Silent Hill named PT at E3 2014 was not able to download on PlayStation Store system anymore, even if you accidentally delete it in PS4, players are not allowed and considered as lost reload This game always hit.

But as banning the gaming community seems to become more interested in PT when the demo with only a few dozen minutes in length are regularly discussed and widely shared PAPERS and comment on the forum Games like Reddit, NeoGAF. One theme has many participants today are looking for horror title has the same style as the version Silent Hill, and among them, the name Allison Road – the only by a single programmer named Chris Kesler done is attracting the attention of many people involved in the game.

The main work of painter Chris Kesler’s environmental design and he has worked in many projects such as Avatar, The Hobbit, Guardians of the Galaxy. After playing PT, Kesler started feeling very impressed and started to perform game titles with the same style – a solitary figure wandering the mysterious abandoned house. That is why Alllison Road was born.
Background almost perfect game in an English townhouse. All the photos you can witness the cramped corridors, indoor objects and even trace the deformation of the roof made of glass. Some places look so small if you just have a look on the outside; but to explore the interior of which it turns out to be bigger than you imagine. Five Nights At Freddy’s Game
Expertise in the design environment helps designers easily create Kesler a house in the suburbs with full amenities but exudes something spooky at night. Players will play an unnamed character wakes up after drunk by a terrified scream and begin to discover the mystery behind the family used to live here. You will witness a brutal war of couples who live upstairs, which culminated in the murder of the girl. From this point onwards you have to solve the task to murder the girl’s horrible, as the collapse of her is forever relevant to your downfall.

While trying to put her back to reality, you realize that you have a wife and daughter live with you, but their whereabouts are unknown. All you want to do at this point is sleeping. Tomorrow is a new day, after all things spooky. Known story of Allison Road inspired by a real case in the city of New York in 1974.

Allison Road was built to release in 2016, with support from Rift oculus. This game is currently planned for release on PC. Let’s wait to soak up the game macabre but also very exciting.


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Lost Sword Within- new rival worthy of Five Nights At Freddy’s

Lost Sword Within- new rival worthy of Five Nights At Freddy’s

Games Lost Within mobile game genre horror first-person view. But after birth, but the game is a strong impression name for those who participate. On the other hand, the game also impressed the audience with gameplay and beautiful graphics.

This game is set in an insane asylum abandoned so long ago. Here players will be faced with bizarre creatures always lurking and can cause unpredictable danger for you. More dangerous is the emergence of a legendary killer, thoắt hidden escape in the darkness. This is the most dangerous character and can always hurt you anytime. You have to fight with them to create a way out for himself.
You’ll have adventure in the building of a prey as weak, not a literal resistance. That’s when you have to be scared, really scared those dangers are lurking between the screen play and terrifying darkness inside you do not know definitely where. They may appear a surprising way and beat you in a heartbeat.


During play you can collect items and homemade weapons themselves. These are tools to help you survive in the wild, while optimistic. Lost Within minded gameplay elements covert action, but besides that there are still interesting for you to explore. From what was shown in the trailer, we can see that the game encourages players to hide and flee rather than face the enemy. Since the enemies are very dangerous and powerful with brilliant experience. if not courage, you would be very afraid to face them.

Have to say, compared to the horror title genre survival horror is famous as The Evil Within, Silent Hill, Fatal Frame or most recently Five Nights At Freddy’s Download, Lost Within’ve done well his duties as brings to the player a very atmosphere of horror. Lost Within also made good his duties when bringing players a game both entertaining, just exploratory. But fear but will equally appeal to participate in the games.

A further factor to the success of this game that is part of graphics. To scare the players, the organization released the investment game design was sound and context for this game. Creepy noises accompanying music will make your boat floating if not used hair-raising. Besides, setting off games are carefully cared. The color of objects, space and shape objects are designed tinged with horror. All of which gives this game an unforgettable impression right from the first game. Unblocked Games 77
This is not a game for everyone, but only for those who are looking for a different experience, the mysterious legends can totally convinced by this game. Conversely, despite the horror elements of the game are not too many, but there are small details can haunt you with ease and make you scared.
You could stunt any time because the game is full of unexpected elements.
As a fan of horror games, quick update this game about to embark immediately. new things are waiting for you to discover.


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Game horror SOMA direct confrontation with Five nights at Freddy’s

Game horror SOMA direct confrontation with Five nights at Freddy’s

You’re a gamer favorite horror game genre? Areas such as mental institution, caves and mysterious dungeons, stuffy enough as you are not scared, otherwise you are very excited to discover them? Perhaps the game’s SOMA appropriate name for you to explore, newly published titles released the same day a new trailer.

SOMA game players are often known by the nickname “Amnesia under the sea” because it is a product developed by the company frictional Games.

Love it or hate horror genre game then surely you’ve heard the name once Amnesia – Because it is very successful series was developed by frictional Games, a prelude to a series of products with This same style later. With its latest product called SOMA, which frictional games left ancient castles in Europe to come up with a different context is equally chilling: It’s mysterious oceans and dangers .

SOMA game’s story takes place in a research facility pathos-2 is located behind the bottom, you have the task of investigating the strange events happening here when everything seems to be out of touch. Of course, players will not only investigate, but that there must confront and escape with a strange creature. The task ahead is difficult but equally stimulating.

Was first published in October 2013, SOMA game quickly attracted attention thanks to the success of two previous versions of Amnesia. You play a nameless character wakes up in the research center under the sea called pathos-2 and of course, completely alone in the darkness full of horror. He quickly realized the abnormal phenomenon here, comes from the strange equipment.
SOMA gameplay remains very similar to Amnesia: The Dark Descent, you’ll discover, search rummage items but also careful, sound and listen to hedge a bloodthirsty creature in pathos-2. Screen play in SOMA will take place in many ways, the player will not be able to predict these events will take place in order to increase the attractiveness and the element of surprise, horror to this title.


Speaking of SOMA, said frictional Games themed game for the chaos neural illusion that people face when leaving the solitary for a long time as the main theme. In previously published trailer, viewers can see the main characters encounter many bizarre spectacle extreme as death or a move the human brain associated with machinery and offensive character. five nights at freddy’s 4

Experiencing 5 years of development, the final game and prepare SOMA launched survival horror genre fans, namely in the next 22/9 days. Besides this disclosure developer Friction Games also introduced a new gameplay clip of SOMA game that you can follow below.

Unknown Game SOMA can overcome or at least bring experience commensurate with the success of the man he Amnesia or not, even so through the first impression we can see it is the graphics property far the most beautiful of Fritional Games. This is definitely an advantage to attract more discerning gamers new to the game.
Be prepared to welcome this special name when it joined the village in September next game. Hopefully the game will be true of “blockbuster” as expected of grave tone.


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Nightmares inspired Dungeon Five nights at Freddy’s?

Nightmares inspired Dungeon Five nights at Freddy’s?

Game Dungeon Nightmares take inspiration from the themes of horror the 90s and the game like Garden of Fear, Five nights at Freddy’s, mobile game Dungeon Nightmarestoi from K Monkey will probably be one of the games for the platform iOS horror that players had a chance to try. is a fan of horror games, so if the player dnags unfortunately miss this game. If players are still hesitant about loading device Dungeon Nightmares then perhaps the following game review will be extremely useful to the player.

In Dungeon Nightmares game, players will be stuck in the stalking nightmare never ends. Each evening this game brings back the horrors different for players. Game Dungeon Nightmares did not give any indication or suggestion about the mysteries are hidden in every corner. It all depends on the players themselves to explore and discover. Is set to the first player perspective, the corridors and fog grace u are factors created frightening effects for horror game Dungeon Nightmares. Players will be intimidated by this. But that only helps the game more interesting. No one doubts what will come out when you open the door or go to a certain corner. All are secret until the player manually explore. Nightmares game Dungeon promises to make the player chills out bumps.

The goal of the player is very simple Dungeon Nightmares. Players will have to try to survive as long as possible in this game to collect a lot of clues, scattered gold and candles all over the room layout available. But this task is not necessarily to receive because the player will not receive any instructions yet. All like a maze and players will grope in it. After passing through a screen play, the difficulty will increase, the action also create more effects, accordingly, scary level of Dungeon game Nightmares also not stalled.

Through the use of lever controls Dual traditional players will be able to navigate to go on many corridors, then the player will have a new interactive environment control system thanks to intuitive touch. Bguoi players will have to go around the dungeons and find the clues and find the answers for themselves. Initially, the game will make players Dungeon Nightmares have little confusing, but everything will become better when the players are adapting. 3D graphics effects and sound special characteristic 2 in many factors bring hair-raising experience in the game. It also contributes to this game more attractive part.

You will have to set aside some time to experience this game, because this is not the game for players to conquer a hurry. Players will have to learn to be patient and wait. For those who are looking for a game to scare yourself, the Dungeon Nightmares is perfect choice for players. Like any other horror game, the best experience Nightmares Dungeon players should turn off the lights and wearing headphones to feel the most obvious. Do not be surprised when people play too surprised and shocked by the game offline!


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Forgotten Memories horror game will usurpation Five nights at Freddy’s

Forgotten Memories horror game will usurpation Five nights at Freddy’s

To the horror game Forgotten Memories, gamers will experience the different emotions in the dark world filled with cold overcast.

Manufacturers are expected to adventure games – the most frightening horror year, Forgotten Memories are genuine Psychose Interactive mobile gaming launches in late March 4/2015. Beautiful graphics, realistic, and gameplay towards horror, Forgotten Memories get more interested, welcome.

Forgotten Memories brought back gamers play traditional survival horror from the ’90s, been very successful over the famous games like Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark. With almost any item separation was a flashlight just dropped off, and a few small weapons such as steel pipe or contain little gun rounds, players will have to control the space character overcast pass, how in darkness, looking for the key, useful objects to solve puzzles, opening the door step to the next challenge.

The first element that game Forgotten Memories attracted interest from major players is plot-colored to dark and suffocating gloom. The story in the game Forgotten Memories begins with the main character named Rose Hawkins. This is a strong girl, the courage and the investigator with the Massachusetts State Police unit. She is doing her duty search Eden mysteriously missing. Any doubts, traces geared she sought psychiatric hospitals Walker abandoned.

In a survey every track on, Rose was a stranger assault, she woke up and found myself in the hospital Walker sprawling ghost freak container-farming. According to the words echoing in the space of a mysterious character, Rose deeper into dilapidated buildings and beginning to sink in spooky darkness, exploring the mysteries and constantly seeking a way out for themselves .

The controls of the game Forgotten Memories quite easy to grasp and is optimized for mobile devices. Therefore, players only need to touch the screen to the left to move, while the right screen of the device will help the player controls the character’s gaze. The right side screen icons also allow characters to run or walk, use a flashlight or weapon against the monstrosity inside the room. That may be the effigy maneuvering-soup or scary ghosts lurking between the walls, they suddenly appear, to make players work not startled.

The advantage of Forgotten Memories game is to own a great 3D graphics. With the use of the Unity Engine, space dark, cold in the game is designed very detailed, the lighting effects, shadows are shown no less true reality. Additionally, imaging and motion stages of the characters are very vivid design. This makes the game scored points from the player community. five nights at freddy’s 4

Stringing harmony with the main image is recreated sound effects are very good atmosphere gloomy, scary game. Footsteps, screams, the sound of dripping water between the deserted space, or the spooky sounds make players more prone to shudder, and obsessions.

With tense gameplay, challenging and realistic graphics, full of gloom, Forgotten Memories very fit players love the creepy, spooky, and want to find yourself a horror adventure game quality amount.


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Dead Space blockbusters dominating Five nights at Freddy’s

Dead Space blockbusters dominating Five nights at Freddy’s

When first seen in Dead Space 3 last June, apparently a small part of our game players could not hide doubts about the core values ​​of this series exists or not . The reason for this reaction is from the rear of the line nearest the game Dead Space official overtures to gaming, what we hear is just a “co-op”, while “horror” is what that fans really need.

But perhaps we will have to think again after seeing the last Games Dead Space 3 Trailer latest financial performances this year’s Gamescom period.

In this latest trailer, game Dead Space 3 takes the protagonist of the series – Issac Clarke to a ship was abandoned outside the orbit of Tau Volantis. In it, pass zero gravity environment, the black shadow lurking in every dark corner of a 200 year-old ruins were, players, accompanied Issac Clarke and duo John Carver to discover secrets and clues link this death ship with antiques “Marker” down there, on the ice planet Tau Volantis price.

Besides the trailer promises a gaming community many new enhancements. Besides moving style flexible with the ability to roll passersby, or hiding behind a barrier mechanism, this game Dead Space 3 also brings customizable weapons system. This system will allow players to search for and collect different weapons parts to improve and upgrade, in order to fight these creatures and bloodthirsty Necromorph increasingly aggressive in the game.
In addition, EA also brought good news for those who pre-ordered the limited edition of Dead Space Game 3. That’s part more rice with two “packages”, the “First Contact” and “Witness the Truth” , including armor, weapons are unique, innovative, not only significantly increased strength to the character but also reveals interesting information next to them.
In the pack, “First Contact”, players have access to an armor of the same name, was built specifically for SCAF (Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces – Armed Forces colonial sovereign). This armor is made and strengthened in order to withstand the space environment for extended periods.

Besides armor, players continue to “Negotiator”, a gold-plated weapons with high-end hardware. Negotiator barrel on the Tesla ray radiation has been overclocked, capable of blowing any sized creatures who form. Meanwhile, the barrel under a Linegun, developed with a sole purpose is detached body parts on goal.

Package “Witness the Truth” will include Witness armor was used by the excavation team of SCAF for the purpose of exploring the mysteries of Tau Volantis darkest, secrets have changed themselves and the planet forever and ever. A week later, they were discovered, and wrapped around the body with a monstrous gravity environment, and thinks he has “seen all the facts” under the darkness of this frozen planet. fnaf 4

Witness armor will accompany Evangelizer, a weapon has been improved from version AL-2 standard, which is used by infantry troops Tau Volantis colony. This weapon’s barrel on the advanced version AL-2g-rifle, with below the 2100 Emerson Shotgun tactical “Big Boy”. The survivors of the excavation team under the SCAF has named it as Evangelizer and hand-engraved onto it a sign never known before.

Dead Space 3 games will be available on the shelves PC, Xbox360 and PS3 on day of February 5, 2013 in North America, and February 8 th at the European market.


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