The Walking Dead- new game worth playing more than Five nights at Freddy’s

The Walking Dead- new game worth playing more than Five nights at Freddy’s

Despite being labeled The Walking Dead is a game eat the famous comic of the same name but a team responsible for developing it was actually transmitted on this product what previous games do little success.

Players will play black guy Lee was being escorted to prison. There, you’ll have a little chat with the policeman and suddenly disaster strikes your first zombie. From here, the adventure begins. Five nights at Freddy’s
The style of the game The Walking Dead in the form of open, while ensuring the logic throughout. The decision made by the main character will be returned almost immediately, but the results do not need to wait to paragraphs A, B or C of the game. Therefore, The Walking Dead players need to think seriously and it is important to quickly because even a certain amount of time to choose I would say.
This factor contributed to the game more realistic and dramatic.

Anyway, this is still a game involving zombie theme so you do not have to fight them … not a great thing. The combat system in the game The Walking Dead is designed quite simply, the player simply select the location and click the mouse.

And if you accidentally caught? Of course the player must do something quickly to resist. With nature as an adventure game, so it’s no trouble constantly flashing a key and ending in a different key when playing The Walking Dead.

The story in the game The Walking Dead is not only include disaster survivors from zombie but also the feelings of the characters woven together, make up the troubling situations to be addressed in order to avoid conflicts survivors. This is a new point and help the game look like a movie.
You’ve never been outlined by lying about a character in the game yet? Personally the writer then got it and the outcome is not so nice. Additionally, the ability to interact with the surrounding environment is the developer customized with a variety of actions to help players thinking easier to solve the puzzles in the game The Walking Dead Light.

The Walking Dead game really has attracted players into their own world, making us feel this was “his character Lee”, “your own story” and not of anyone else. Two factors are indispensable to the success of the game were the graphics and sound. Hand drawn style with shaded contours clearly helped shape everything around, the faces of his characters so that express emotions better, more authentic. Colorful and attractive style comics is what we can say about the graphics of the game The Walking Dead. Horror element is the most important point of the game, so the sound is a very important part. Telltale Games understands this so the voice actors have tried to accomplish their roles well, from which the in-game dialogue and expressive realism.

The Walking Dead Game is like a vivid novel charismatic players. The Walking Dead Players will have different emotions and always curious to see more behind that is what will happen. With all 5 parts and was available only in the first part was launched, which is really a game worth playing, experience.


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