Year Walk- horror game desire resonates like Five nights at Freddy’s

Year Walk- horror game desire resonates like Five nights at Freddy’s

Simogo the studio has created many great games like Bumpy Road or platform games are rated very high as Beat Sneak Bandit. However, their last name: Year Walk is completely different from the rest of the game. Themed games this little horror and surrealism to build content.

Year Walk of game content including a variety of logic puzzles with strange symbols, clues, windmills and the kids. In other words, the game Year Walk is a game of escape from a mysterious room, the problem here is that we are not in the room yet, we are trying to escape by something vague that nobody can clearly define Duo. Year Walk game context heavily influenced by stories of old, strange traditions can be found in Scandinavia.
However, Game Year Walk is not game for everyone, especially the faint of heart. It is only for those who are looking for a different experience, mysterious stories can totally convinced by this game. Conversely, despite the horror elements of the game are not too many, but there are small details can haunt you easily when participating in games.

The puzzles are quite simple and do not appear too much in this game, but to be ingenious and clever. This makes those who engage in this game feel very interesting. These are also some thought when you must witness the grisly images and experiencing feelings of fear during games. Like its game Fez Xbox Live Arcade release, you may need some paper to record information and clues, anything useful for you in future. A cryptic symbols carved on the trunk, or arm movements cursed doll will probably bring you some thoughts and suggestions different. fnaf 4
No instructions, no clues, no map, no language to talk, just you and only you stand alone in this game step. World of Game Year Walk is a world with many layers, each linked to each other by small clues. The search and sort the clues together is truly a challenge will not be easy for anyone.
Graphics of this game is also a nasty dark tones bring oppressive to the player, a sense of mystery, lonely and cold always existed somewhere. However, the more macabre game to bring success đùng its called horror game. The absence of sound effects make this feeling even more breathing problems, but once a voice rang out again that our ears can not refuse. They can make you hair stand easily stand.

Game Year Walk is an innovative game, somewhere the fans can find the silhouette of the book written by Tim Burton. The game’s story spread out like a book, you’ll have to constantly turn the pages until the end to put through his own curiosity. Year Walk Join the game can be considered as a factor on the journey with adventure and an experience etched. Add exquisite puzzles, and if you ever like Sword & Sworcery The Room and this will be your next game could discover.
Get involved in the game and experience the difference that it gives you. That will certainly be an unforgettable experience.


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